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Christopher Leslie
Christopher Leslie, Executive Director, founded Pandemonium Productions in 2001, and has directed, designed, and built sets for more than 112 children and teen productions in Santa Fe, including: Willy Wonka, Peter Pan, The Jungle Book, Grease, Beauty and the Beast, and The Sound of Music to name a few. Plus, the Santa Fe premiere's of Shrek! The Musical, The Little Mermaid, Mary Poppins, and several original scripts.

Chris, a former art teacher, taught Drama for 21 years at the N.A.I.S.-accredited Rio Grande School. In partnership with the Santa Fe Opera, he has conducted a Drama Residency Program in Santa Fe Public Schools since 1995. Chris holds a B.F.A. in Fine Arts and a Masters Degree in Arts Education from Lesley University.

He has taught theater and directed shows in Santa Fe since 1990, and is passionate about using theater arts to transform lives. As the chief officer of the company, he is charge of all organizational leadership, including fiscal responsibilities, and handles all marketing and media efforts.


Chris has also served as technical director for several theaters, and strives to create visually exciting and innovative productions, and works to instill those values in his students.

Chris has directed more than 60 youth productions in Santa Fe, including
High School Musical, Narnia,
Guys and Dolls, Annie,
The Wizard of Oz,
Peter Pan, West Side Story,
Beauty and the Beast,
The Sound of Music, and Grease